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The world is a global marketplace, creating long paths for the materials and goods that we produce, buy, and use every day to reach their destinations from factories to stores and end-users. This makes cargo, logistics, and supply chain industries some of the most globally extended businesses in the world.

This is the industry CargoX has set out to revolutionize by securely digitalizing the creation, processing, and transferring of the most important document in the shipping industry: the Bill of Lading (B/L).

This piece of paper is sent all around the world—it travels separately, not with the cargo it belongs to! Time and money are spent on transport through courier services, and all that needs to be assured are trust and speed.

The CargoX Smart B/L™ was developed and put into public operation in record time, between January and November 2018. Services in the CargoX ecosystem can be paid for with fiat money or select cryptocurrencies, such as the company’s own CXO token.

CargoX has a transparent and understandable business model, no direct competition, and broad industry support. A robust network of partners, platforms, shippers, freight forwarders, exporters, and importers are contributing feedback to development.

The company is in the final stages of acquiring a renowned P&I certification to comply with international business standards in the cargo shipping industry and provide customers with all necessary assurances of service quality.


August 2017

CargoX.io is born

November 2017

CargoX.io fundraising preparation, key advisors in place

January 2018

CargoX.io ICO fundraising event closed with USD 7 mil raised in 7 minutes, 40 seconds

March 2018

CXO is proven as a payment option to external service providers

April 2018

CargoX Smart B/L™ platform live demo at the 6th International Logistics Congress

August 2018

The first-ever blockchain-based CargoX Smart B/L™ completes its historic mission

November 2018

CargoX Smart B/L™ platform goes live, becoming the first blockchain logistics platform open for business

November 2018

Financial Times/RSG shortlists CargoX at the 2018 Intelligent Business Awards

November 2018

CargoX wins the IRU (International Road Transport Union) World Congress Startup competition (among 77 competitors)

November 2018

CargoX wins the #DataccioConnect Blockchain Innovation Award

March 2019

CargoX is a finalist at the future-forging SXSW Pitch 2019

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