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1st Ever Blockchain-Based Bill of Lading

The blockchain-based Bill of Lading developed by CargoX preserves all of the legacy features of paper B/Ls and takes them a step further with the benefits offered by the decentralised platform, including security, cost reduction, and fast delivery.

Why a Blockchain-Based Bill of Lading?


Blockchain is a matter of Trust.

Blockchain has no central storage that can be attacked by hackers. Global Trade's most important document is encrypted and securely written on the blockchain network, accessible only via traders' private keys.

Ultra Fast Delivery

Smart B/Ls™ are issued instantly and are immediately available to the exporter. When agreed upon conditions are met, the Smart B/L™ is transferred to the legal owner of goods – instantly, with no couriers in the middle.

Just like sending an email.

The Smart B/L’s™ fast delivery minimalize the possibility of detention, demurrage and storage charges due to the instant transfer of ownership.

Cost Reduction of B/L Transfer

Each paper B/L changes hands at least three times, with couriers making it extremely expensive and slow. The average cost to send a B/L three times is around $100. Our solution saves shippers and consignees up to 100% of their courier and postal costs.

Implementing Smart B/L translates into instant growth of positive working capital


The blockchain-based Smart B/L™ does absolutely everything that a paper one does, but with a huge difference: it is completely eco-friendly, and it lets forests around the globe continue to thrive. With less printing and no transportation, everyone wins, especially our planet.

Tracking & Storing

Every transaction is traceable. The sequence of events is clearly defined and forever written on the blockchain. Your Smart B/L™ is securely stored in an immutable database.

Who Can Benefit From Using Smart B/L™?

Paper B/L vs Smart B/L™

TraditionalPaper B/L Smart B/L™
Change of ownership by sending original B/L Instant, from dApp
Time in transit 5-10 days Instant
Can be stolen Yes No
Can be lost Yes No
Archiving Expensive paper storage Included
Cargo information (location, temperature,etc) No Yes

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