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CargoX Platform Update

Oct. 14, 2021, 4 p.m.

Dear CargoX Platform user, 

Please do not miss these important updates to the CargoX Platform. 

Order any amount of service units

Due to popular demand, we are changing our billing process. Our pre-defined unit packs were replaced with a custom order form, giving you complete freedom over the number of service units that you need. To proceed, go to billing and either enter the number of units you wish to purchase or simply move the slider. Real-time estimates show you how many documents and ACI filings you can send with the chosen amount. 

The more units you purchase, the bigger the discount (in the form of additional promotional units that you receive on top). 

Minimum purchase amount increase

Please note that the minimum purchase amount was raised to 400 USD. Increase of minimum purchase amount applies only to first time buyers that have not been verified yet and if you are buying units via bank transfer

With the new credit card payment feature and provided that you are a verified customer of the CargoX Platform, you have the possibility to buy any number of units with a minimum amount of 25 USD (25 units). 

Verified companies can now pay with credit cards

Starting today, all verified companies can use debit and credit payment cards to refill their CargoX service units balance. To proceed, go to billing, select the number of units you wish to purchase and choose Credit card as the payment type. Be advised that this payment type comes with a 4% service fee. Immediately after the purchase, an invoice will be created for you and the service units will be credited to your account. 

Please note that a bank wire payment is still required for the first payment of CargoX service units, as it is a part of the company verification process mandated by Egyptian customs. 

Variable fee for blockchain documents attached to ACI filing limited to 15 USD 

The total cost of the ACI filing is made up of two parts - the ACI filing processing fee (150 USD) and the cost of blockchain document transfer ( 3 USD per document). 

The variable fee for filing the ACI envelope is also changing, as the 3 USD per document fee is now capped at 15 USD per unique ACID number. This means that even if you submit more than 5 documents in one ACI filing (either in the ACI filing or refiling using the same ACID number), you will never pay more than 15 USD (15 units). This also means that the maximum total price per ACI filing is capped at 165 USD.

Best regards,

Stefan Kukman, founder and CEO



Use multiple accounts to reduce risk for enterprises
21 Jun 2022
To reduce the risk of workflow slowdowns or the inability to process and transfer you electronic trade documents, we encourage companies to create individual user accounts for each user who is involved in document preparation and processing.
Delegation functionality introduced
16 May 2022
The new Delegation feature provides a company (principal) with a way to be represented by another company (representative) in the process of transferring ACI electronic documents on the CargoX Platform.
CargoX Platform ACI air - testing starts 15 May 2022
13 May 2022
CargoX and the Government of Egypt’s NAFEZA will start testing the ACI Air declaration on 15 May 2022.
Promotional units discontinuation
31 Dec 2021
As of 1 February 2022, all volume discounts (promotional units (𝕌)) will be discontinued. January 2022 will be the last month when you can take advantage of our volume discount, and receive up to 15% additional promotional units in return.
CargoX Platform minimum unit purchase amount, and Excel document validation
23 Nov 2021
To accommodate freight forwarders, we have changed the minimum amount of units that companies can purchase by bank payment or by credit card. Exporters can validate their Excel invoices before submitting the Egypt ACI filing.
CargoX - ACI filing for Egypt enabled, mandatory use starts on 1 October 2021
8 Jul 2021
The Government of Egypt has issued a decree to extend the trial phase of the Advance Cargo Information System until the end of September 2021. Electronic ACI filing through the CargoX Platform will be mandatory as of 1 October 2021. ACI filing is already operational!

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