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All CargoX solutions are 100% API enabled by design

This means that you can easily integrate the Smart B/L™ functionalities into your existing business software and enjoy all the benefits. Avoid disrupting your core business processes and your workforce by maintaining your current business software architecture.

Complete integration

Efficiently connect your systems so that Bills of Lading are issued in a completely digital way.

Process automation

Bills of Lading can be processed automatically and in batches, with a comprehensive overview of activities and insight into Bill of Lading status.

Standard architecture

Using standard RESTful APIs ensures interoperability and the widest support.

The CargoX Smart B/L™ is sophisticated and extremely simple to use.

It can easily be integrated with your business software or shipment management and tracking solution through the CargoX API.

The CargoX API makes it possible for any organisation to participate in the ecosystem and integrate all provided services.

The API is a standardised REST API. Complete developer documentation is available, allowing a skilled developer to integrate it fully in a matter of days.

Professional services

CargoX offers integration and advisory services through a network of partners. Please contact us for further information.


  • Create the Smart B/L™ within your own application and send it with Smart B/L™ eXchange protocol
  • Track the progress of the Smart B/L™ in your own application
  • View the archive of your issued and received Smart B/Ls ™

Some of the advanced features will be available only to higher tier customers (holding the required amount of CargoX CXO tokens).


The REST application programing interface documentation is available to partners and clients upon request.

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