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CargoX The world’s first truly neutral and open platform for your maritime shipping documentation

The CargoX platform is built with the revolutionary Blockchain Document Transaction System technology (BDTS), developed for secure, fast, and efficient maritime shipping documentation creation, transfer and management. Up-front investments are negligible, and the benefits will help you maximize operational profits in real-time!

Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS)

A Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS) is an online system based on blockchain technology that is intended for creating, tracking, managing, storing, and transferring the ownership of documents.

Enterprises struggle with documentation on a daily basis, and there are plenty of solutions for managing documents of all kinds, as well as for arranging workflows, controlling user authorisations, and reviewing digital traces of any activity performed on a document - ranging from merely viewing to actively manipulating data. This is even more important in an age of GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation set in motion by the EU and implemented on May 25 2018.

Documentation is usually held in a silo, and it is then included in workflows and processes either physically, i.e. on paper, where it is printed, sent by mail or courier services, or delivered by hand; otherwise it is sent digitally, usually via e-mail, as a copy of some document whose original resides in who-knows-which office storage space.

Shipping, and logistics or the supply chain as an industry, have been fed up with this approach for a long time - but there was simply no solution.

Until CargoX presented its Smart B/L ™ solution, that is!

The Smart B/L™ blockchain bill of lading solution required CargoX to develop a solid framework, which serves as a platform for new CargoX solutions that will be introduced in the future, according to the set roadmap.

The Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS) has emerged as the underlying technology driving services that power a wealth industries and environments, and they all have one thing in common - it is absolutely crucial to be able to always uniquely and irrefutably define who the owner of specific data or a document is. It is also a requirement that the document can be previewed, viewed, transacted, owned, and archived as deemed necessary for a specific process.

CargoX has already launched the first open blockchain platform for the logistics and supply chain industry, where the Smart B/L™ is just the first of the solutions to be offered, built with the CargoX BDTS technology.

CargoX Platform Features

Your data is safe from the eyes of the competition.
We do not lock you into private blockchains. We use the truly open and distributed public blockchain technology for maximum impact and immutability.
No installation is required to use the CargoX platform. Users simply need to log onto the website to use the service.
Rigorous testing, using best-of-the-breed technologies, and regular 3rd-party audits ensure that the application is up-to-date with the latest security standards and practices, and the document transfers are secure.
Integration friendly
All platform APIs (application programming interfaces) are exposed as REST interfaces, which enables easy integration into existing company's systems.
Multi-user support
The platform lets different users have various permissions. This enables support for complex workflows and use-case scenarios from micro-companies to full-scale corporate systems.
User Friendly
No need for IT expertise.
Minimum investment
There is no need for software installations or expensive integration - you can start using the platform in a matter of minutes.

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