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CargoX Monthly Update - April 2018

April 6, 2018, 6:45 a.m.

Hello, supporters - wow, what a month March has been!

The latest and greatest news is - we are now listed on Cryptology Exchange. They picked CXO from among hundreds of tokens, looking for, as they say in their news release, the “coolest ones, both new and rare, as well as the most popular ones”. CXO tokens will be available for trading, depositing, and withdrawal, and they will be immediately tradable with ETH. CargoX is always looking to open new markets, as this will make CXO tokens available to a broader audience and boost trading dynamics once the product is available to global trade and logistics companies!

An online freight booking platform 45HC.com started using CXO tokens as means of payment. With that step, 45HC.com became the first logistics company worldwide to accept a cryptocurrency and generated some nice global news coverage by doing so. This was an important milestone for CargoX, as we met an objective we set out during the ICO - to add CXO tokens as a payment method to 45HC.COM by the end of the Q1 2018. We have proven that the integration and use of CXO tokens for payment is simple and especially attractive for shippers and freight forwarders who use the service regularly. We also demonstrated that the process is swift and easy.

As you know, we are always working on attracting partners and supporters. In March we announced the first batch of potential customers and supporters. Among them was a large logistics company from Italy, namely Samer & Co. Shipping S.p.A. (www.samer.com), a freight forwarder and shipping agency with decades of experience in covering the broader region of Central and Eastern Europe. The natural mineral water producer Costella (www.costella.si/en) also recognised the benefits of lowering costs and solving other paper-related pains with the Smart B/L - they export natural water bottled from a spring in the heart of pristine nature in a protected primeval forest to several markets outside the EU, focusing on the Middle East. Last, but not least, the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure (www.mzi.gov.si/en/) has honored us by naming CargoX as one of the most promising blockchain solution providers for the logistics sector with a high possibility of actually changing the shipping and logistics industry beyond the borders of Europe. That recognition feels great, too, as it confirms that the blockchain is becoming a mainstream affair, a standard in the global IT ecosystem!

We will, of course, continue to grow the CargoX ecosystem and the usage of the CXO tokens. By far the most important step towards this future will be the launch of the Smart B/L solution. We will present a functional demo at the 6th International Logistics Congress to be held from April 11–13 - that is next week! The three-day event will bring together all the logistics players in the region, and CargoX will be there not only with a presentation but with the first functional live demo of the CargoX Smart B/L transfer!

April will be one of the most interesting months in the short history of CargoX, as we plan on announcing new team members, partnerships, and further details on the MVP and Smart B/L itself, and we also plan on releasing a number of documents (including a “B/L X” technically-flavored whitepaper) to support our partners and resellers… Stay tuned!

As always, there was a lot of media attention; here we are exceptionally proud of the Loadstar and Shipping and Freight Resource coverage. Also, more and more journalists are contacting us with logistics questions related to the blockchain and requests for quotes, confirming our positioning as an expert in this sector.

Help us raise awareness about the Smart B/L! We are always happy to see you promote CargoX through your social networks. Join us on Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We want to strengthen our footprint there since those are the channels our (potential) business partners know and use. Please do not hesitate to use them if you have any questions.

Watch out for our soon-to-be-released news about the CargoX Smart B/L demo and some other exciting news, too!


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Experts, users, and analysts around the world voted CargoX technology Most Innovative Solution 2019 and the Blockchain Innovation of the Year 2019 at the Transport & Logistics Middle East (TLME) Excellence Awards.

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