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Your Bill of Lading will never be lost, stolen, counterfeited, or damaged again. Smart B/L™ is encrypted and securely stored on the public blockchain. Decentralized storage is 100% resilient to attacks by hackers.

Low Cost

Start using the Smart B/L™ and reduce your costs by up to 85%. Implementing the Smart B/L™ translates into instant growth of positive working capital.


The Smart B/L™ is transferred to the legal owner of the goods – instantly, just like sending an email. The Smart B/L™ eliminates the possibility of detention and demurrage costs.

User Friendly

Smart B/L™ is easy to use, just like using online banking.

Trusted by our partners

In our opinion blockchain is best used where trustworthy data and document processing is needed, and where transactions of ownership are taking place. For us the CargoX Smart B/L™ is easy to use and even easier to implement, and the cost and time savings are just incredible. We are already looking forward to new products from CargoX - in our opinion the best in this field!
Ruedi Reisdorf CEO of Fracht AG
We decided to cooperate with CargoX because their product is based on modern technology and advanced knowledge, and it is in line with our product philosophy. Together we are stronger in the market, as we enable our customers in the supply chain to operate more efficiently in a safe business environment. Speed, price and safety are not an issue anymore - the emphasis is on competitive tools.
Gregor Veselko, Ph. D. Actual Group, President of Management Board
As an NVOCC and co-leader, we issue a significant number of Original Bills of Lading and Sea Way Bills. We have thus naturally been on the lookout for a way to optimize the transfer of our B/Ls to relevant parties in the logistics chain. The integration of the Smart B/LTM went smoothly, while gains are significant. No more hassle with paper B/Ls, now the whole process of creating and sending a Smart B/L™ is done with a mere couple of clicks.
Rok Kobal CEO of Europacific Group

Your free one on one conference call

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