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The Smart B/L™ Solution Is Powered by CargoXThe World’s First Truly Neutral and Open Platform for Your Maritime Shipping Documentation!

Your B/L will never be lost, stolen, counterfeited, or damaged again. Decentralized encrypted storage is 100% resilient against hackers.
It is far easier and cheaper to send a document digitally and securely around the globe than to entrust a piece of paper to a courier service.
A Smart B/L™ is lightning fast, almost like e-mail. That protects you from any potential cargo detention and demurrage costs.
It is easy to use – just like e-mail. But much more secure. Much, much more.
Your data is safe from the eyes of the competition.
We do not lock you into private blockchains. We use the truly open and distributed public blockchain technology for maximum impact and immutability.
No installation is required to start using the CargoX platform — just log in and start sending documents.
All platform APIs exposed as REST interfaces for easy integration and automation.
Multi-user support
Multiples users from your organization can us the platform at varying permission levels. It is ready both for micro-companies and full-scale corporations.
Minimum investment
No need for software installation or expensive integration. You can start using it in a matter of minutes!

Excellent technical features

Extreme security

Transferring a Smart B/L™ relies on public key infrastructure (PKI). Only the owner of the private key (you) can initiate a transfer to another party.

Decentralized storage

Nobody can hack or change transfer history, intentionally or unintentionally, as it is stored on a public blockchain. But business data remains private!


All relevant parties can always see which account is the current holder of the documents.

Strong cryptographic signature

A combination of blockchain, private keys, and cryptographic algorithms ensures that documents uploaded to the platform are unchanged and that nobody can modify them.

Support for all trade documents

Different types of ocean freight documents

A one-stop-shop for tamper-proof document ownership transfer and sending – master B/Ls, house B/Ls, Switch B/Ls, telex releases, express releases, sea waybills, certificate of origin and more.

Flexible endorsement types

Smart B/Ls™ can be endorsed to a specifically named consignee, made to order, or to the bearer.

Custom attachments

Any transfer envelope can include any custom attachment – an invoice, receipt, warranty, or similar. You can remove them in the workflow.

Support for the L/C and escrow service workflow

Transfer documents to a bank for L/C processing or escrow service workflows. Banks join the platform in the same manner as other parties and guarantee the payment of goods.

Awards and nominations

The CargoX Smart B/L™ platform, with their API for easy integration into existing IT systems or through ready-made web user interface is a perfect add-on in a modern working environment, not to mention that we all finally have all the documents archived and document transactions visible in one place.
Leif Arne Strømmen Vice President of Innovation G2 Ocean
In our opinion blockchain is best used where trustworthy data and document processing is needed, and where transactions of ownership are taking place. For us the CargoX Smart B/L™ is easy to use and even easier to implement, and the cost and time savings are just incredible. We are already looking forward to new products from CargoX - in our opinion the best in this field!
Ruedi Reisdorf CEO of Fracht AG
We decided to cooperate with CargoX because their product is based on modern technology and advanced knowledge, and it is in line with our product philosophy. Together we are stronger in the market, as we enable our customers in the supply chain to operate more efficiently in a safe business environment. Speed, price and safety are not an issue anymore - the emphasis is on competitive tools.
Gregor Veselko, Ph. D. Actual Group, President of Management Board

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