Wallet CXO Token Support

Will my Ethereum wallet support CXO token?

If you answer to any of the questions below with yes, you don’t have a reason to worry:

  • Does your wallet support ERC20 tokens?

    CargoX CXO token will be a standard ERC20 compatible token. If you can add a custom ERC20 token to your wallet, you will be able to use your wallet to send and receive CXO tokens.

  • Does your wallet support sending ETH transactions with data field set?

    Since CXO token transactions are regular transactions that carry some extra information in the data field, you will be able to send and receive CXO tokens to your wallet if your wallet supports setting the data field.

  • Does your wallet support exporting your private key?

    If you can export your private key, you will be able to send and receive CXO tokens by using a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens (our suggestion would be to use https://myetherwallet.com).

If you answered to any of the questions above with yes, than you will be able send and receive your CXO tokens.

For your convenience we have prepared a list of wallets that we tested and we know will support CXO token. Please note that if your wallet is not on the list it is still very likely that it will work (consult the questions above).

Nonexclusive list of wallets that support CXO tokens:

Note: wallets marked with * don’t natively support CXO tokens. You will have to export the private key and import it to https://myetherwallet.com/ to send tokens from that wallet.

List of wallets that DON’T support CXO tokens: