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Introducing CargoX Smart B/L™ Blockchain-Based Bill of Lading (B/L) Documents for Global Trade

CargoX is reshaping the global logistics industry by introducing Smart Bill of Lading (Smart B/L™) documents based on blockchain technology, replacing old-style paper Bill of Lading documents. With the Smart Bill of Lading users will be able to state and transfer cargo ownership rights without the hassle of handling paper.

The shipping industry still uses paper for issuing proof of cargo ownership. Blockchain and Smart Contracts are made for this industry.

Reshaping the Shipping Industry

With Smart Bill of Lading on the blockchain there will be no need for paper Bill of Lading anymore.

No central storage which could be attacked by hackers. Global Trade's most important document is encrypted and securely written on the blockchain network, accessible only with traders' private keys.
Smart Bill of Lading is issued instantly and is immediately available to the Exporter. When agreed conditions are met, Smart Bill of Lading is transferred to the legal owner of goods – instantly, without couriers in the middle. Just like sending an e-mail.
A blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading will be equivalent to a paper one. Having it on the blockchain just takes the pain away. No need to print, send, store and archive it in a conventional way anymore.
Cost savings
Each paper Bill of Lading is sent at least three times with couriers making it extremely expensive and slow. The average cost for sending a Bill of Lading three times is around $100 and it takes up to 10 days to reach the final destination. Millions of Bill of Ladings are created every year.

Bill of Lading Fact Sheet

Millions Bill of Lading each year
Millions of Bill of Lading documents are created each year.
$100 costs per document
Average Bill of Lading courier costs are $100 per document.
$5 billioncourier costs per year
Companies could save $5 billion per year just on courier costs.
5 to 10 business days
It takes 5 to 10 business days on average for a Bill of Lading to get from its origin to the destination.

From the Past to the Future

A Bill of Lading is issued for sea-freight shipments and it gives the holder of this document the ownership rights to the cargo.

Using express courier services, it usually takes 5 to 10 days and it costs around $100 to get this document from origin to destination. By using Smart Bill of Lading, which is a blockchain-based token, we cut down the time and costs needed for Bill of Lading transfers. By sending tokens on the blockchain you can easily and securely change the ownership from Exporter to Importer which makes the Smart Bill of Lading tokens the perfect tool for claiming the ownership rights to the cargo.

Smart Bill of Lading is built on top of the blockchain’s capability to transfer digital value in an open and decentralised way, bringing this to the paper-plagued world of Global Trade.

This greatly reduces the time and costs associated with handling paper-based Bill of Lading documents, saving millions of dollars and reducing the burden on our environment.

We are already partners with

Partnering with Milsped Group, we have gained decades of real-world experience, and deep insight into logistics and supply chains from the cargo handling point of view at a large logistics provider.
MakerDAO will be contributing its rich development expertise in smart contract security, and will share its core resources to help develop and audit CargoX smart contracts.
Fracht AG is the independent Swiss family-owned company with over 100 offices all over the world. Fracht’s goal to deliver innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions made Smart Bill of Lading their perfect choice.
OceanX is a non – exclusive global network of leading ocean freight providers and NVOCCs dedicated to delivering bespoke innovative solutions, in particular on FCL services, LCL consolidation, dangerous goods and chemical logistics, temperature control, fashion logistics, as well as project cargo handling.
Global Cargo Alliance is a secure business platform, where trusted and qualified independent freight forwarders can work to create mutually beneficial business relationships and offer their services.
RoadLaunch is an IoT and blockchain-based digital freight management platform with thousands of users, who use FactR digital wallets for next-generation logistics, settlement, audit, and reconciliation. .
dexFreight is a decentralized, blockchain-based logistics platform that allows shippers, carriers, and other supply chain stakeholders to transact and collaborate more efficiently, transparently, and securely.
The company Metro is better known for their network of Mana clothing stores throughout the EE region, consisting of a chain of around 100 locations. They are very active, importing hundreds of TEU from India and China, and they are always looking to optimise their supply chain.
TPG Logistics is a regional logistics specialist who offers a full range of sea freight services, door to door delivery, and settlement services for all formalities in the import and export of highly perishable goods and other products. They are a great testament to their excellent growth strategy, and they are keen to start implementing blockchain into their operations.
DBA Group is an Italian technology consulting giant listed on the Italian stock exchange, specialized in network connectivity and solutions supporting the infrastructure lifecycle.
Actual Group is a provider of advanced and comprehensive IT solutions for supporting port logistics operations and for monitoring and controlling retail business systems in the oil industry.
Europacific uses their own comprehensive information system with clear guidelines in all possible situations to complete and solve the entire logistics process from the sender to the recipient, 24/7.
CDM Software Solutions is a certified U.S. Customs application provider and a leading provider of software solutions to freight forwarding, NVOCC, export packing companies, warehouses, exporters, importers, and logistics companies.
Freightalia is the first ever fully automatic freight quoting and rate management system for freight forwarders. It is completely adaptable and used by +300 freight forwarders, with +650 stations worldwide and +60K monthly users.
Globalink is the oldest and most prominent network in the freight forwarding industry, operating with a proven effective network model that has helped more than 200 independent forwarders of all sizes build excellent, competitive businesses.
Because Globalink limits membership and is almost full in most markets, the Global Value Network was launched 4 years ago to extend this proven model to additional forwarders.
Sprint is a full service and 3rd party logistics provider offering air and ocean freight, mailing, customs clearance, mailbox, and courier services. A synonym with prompt deliveries, impeccable service, and uncompromising commitment.
ConsolFreight is a digital platform that provides a global network of specialized service providers where freight forwarders collaborate with their collective volume to create economies of scale and efficiencies.

Become a partner and be an active participant of CargoX ecosystem

Position yourself as an active participant and innovative technology leader. Explore the benefits of blockchain for your business, with no up-front costs or big investments. Blockchain technology offers transformational powers to early adopters and brings new competitive advantages, as well as opportunities for adding value to global supply chains.

CargoX platform with Smart B/L™ solution will help you boost your market presence by reaping the benefits of the blockchain. But that’s is only the beginning. This is your chance to make a strategic transformation and actively shape the future of logistics with us.

We are offering several partnership opportunities – from pilot testing, integration services, and business model evaluation to future ecosystem development.

Partner benefits:

  • Get access to CargoX management and engineering team.
  • Possibility of tailor made features and development prioritization.
  • Media coverage—become recognized as the technological leader, shape the future of logistics with blockchain expert CargoX.
  • Create up to 1,000 free bill of ladings (individual corporate agreements available upon request). *
  • Free support for API/integration questions
  • Flexible contracts
  • Joint-venture possibilities

Partner requirements:

  • Mutual signed NDA and partnership agreement.
  • Delegate a person responsible for coordinating with CargoX.
  • Exchange of experience and knowhow
Become a partner
* The number of free bill of lading credits depends on your yearly bill of lading requirements. Free bill of lading credits are non-redeemable and can only be used to pay for CargoX services.

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