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Delegation functionality introduced

May 16, 2022, noon

Dear CargoX Platform user,

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented a new core functionality called “Delegation” on the CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT).

The new feature provides a company (principal) with a way to be represented by another company (representative) in the process of transferring ACI electronic documents on the CargoX Platform.

How delegating works

A principal can invite a company with a verified account from its contact list to become a representative and establish a delegation relationship. This relationship allows the representative to submit ACI filings on behalf of the principal. Please note:

  • If a bidirectional relationship is needed, then the representative needs to invite the principal to accept the delegation relationship as well.

  • A principal can have more than one representative, while representatives can also submit ACI filings on behalf of multiple principals (if they have been delegated). This feature only applies to ACI filing, and does not support sending individual trade documents.

  • Two-level representation is not permitted – only the company designated by the principal can represent them, and cannot pass the delegation to another company.

  • The principal can designate if the delegated company covers the cost of ACI filing. This can be changed later.

  • Both companies need to have a verified account on the CargoX Platform.

  • The two companies need to be connected on the platform through the Contact list.

  • The principal can add documents for the ACID that had already been filed by the representative.

  • The representative’s administrator can designate which users can process filings for the principal.

  • Either of the two companies participating can terminate the delegation relationship at any time.

Please see the Delegations article in the CargoX Platform Help System for additional information and step-by-step instructions.


Use multiple accounts to reduce risk for enterprises
21 Jun 2022
To reduce the risk of workflow slowdowns or the inability to process and transfer you electronic trade documents, we encourage companies to create individual user accounts for each user who is involved in document preparation and processing.
CargoX Platform ACI air - testing starts 15 May 2022
13 May 2022
CargoX and the Government of Egypt’s NAFEZA will start testing the ACI Air declaration on 15 May 2022.
Promotional units discontinuation
31 Dec 2021
As of 1 February 2022, all volume discounts (promotional units (𝕌)) will be discontinued. January 2022 will be the last month when you can take advantage of our volume discount, and receive up to 15% additional promotional units in return.
CargoX Platform minimum unit purchase amount, and Excel document validation
23 Nov 2021
To accommodate freight forwarders, we have changed the minimum amount of units that companies can purchase by bank payment or by credit card. Exporters can validate their Excel invoices before submitting the Egypt ACI filing.
CargoX Platform Update
14 Oct 2021
The CargoX Platform now enables payment with credit cards, you can order any amount of service units (25 USD minimum), and there is an Egypt ACI filing document cap at 15 USD (for 5+ documents in the ACI envelope).
CargoX - ACI filing for Egypt enabled, mandatory use starts on 1 October 2021
8 Jul 2021
The Government of Egypt has issued a decree to extend the trial phase of the Advance Cargo Information System until the end of September 2021. Electronic ACI filing through the CargoX Platform will be mandatory as of 1 October 2021. ACI filing is already operational!

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