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Building Digital Trust

with Blockchain Document Transfer

The CargoX Platform gives you the world’s easiest way to upload documents and provides the tools for their secure and instant transaction. What is new is that you can also transfer ownership of documents!

All this is possible thanks to the neutral, public blockchain - the glue that will bind the businesses of the future. Helping you implement trust in your document and data processes.

Building comprehensive digital trust for the most secure confidential document transfer

When sending documents of title or any other highly sensitive documents to their business partners or customers, companies struggle with slow, expensive, and unreliable paper delivery services - and email just doesn’t provide the functions needed. Why, then, do companies endure this painful process?

The CargoX platform helps you transfer documents of title and other documents, encrypted at the highest confidentiality level, as well as transfer the ownership of those documents.

It is based on a neutral, public blockchain, which enables an audit trail of events only to the participants involved - while preserving total confidentiality and full data, identity, and business connection privacy.

CargoX solution is a laser-focused tool for blockchain document transfer. We use extremely secure digital keys to transfer digital documents & data to your chosen recipients. You can upload or create documents - and then transact them, just like through a bank, in a trustworthy, decentralized environment, with a clear audit trail for all participants involved. Compared to traditional paper document processing methods it is simply lightning-fast!

Corporate users love the CargoX combination of the well-known concepts of email, banking transactions, and simple document functionalities.

Implicit trust
Flexible workflows
Capable business partner registry
Full-text search
Multi-user team capabilities



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