No delays, no hassles. Transfer your documents with peace of mind.

With our platform, you can transfer various types of documents instantly. Electronic bills of lading that used to take weeks to arrive can now be delivered in just a few seconds. Furthermore, our blockchain technology guarantees that the transfer of documents is both secure and permanent.

All types of bills of lading supported

Audit trail of events only for the participants involved

Web access or API integration

Choose your documents

On the CargoX Platform, you have the option to either choose your already existing documents or generate new ones. We made sure that both structured and unstructured documents are supported. 

Choose Documents

Send through a fast & secure channel

Select your recipients from your business contact list and transfer the documents to them in seconds.

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Track & audit anytime

Each individual document has its own audit trail, so you always know when it was delivered to the recipient.

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We decided to cooperate with CargoX because their product is based on modern technology and advanced knowledge, and it is in line with our product philosophy. Together we are stronger in the market, as we enable our customers in the supply chain to operate more efficiently in a safe business environment. Speed, price and safety are not an issue anymore - the emphasis is on competitive tools.

Gregor Veselko, Ph. D.
Actual Group, President of Management Board

Send documents in a snap - as simple as email, as safe as a bank transfer

Companies and authorities appreciate the user-friendliness of the CargoX Platform and the minimum initial costs for participating in the fastest growing supply chain platform.

This is a digital document repository with a single point of entry, allowing you to track the origin and possession of each document with certainty.

Instant transactions

Documents are delivered in seconds. Eliminate the risk of failed document delivery and effectively avoid delays and unforeseen costs.

All types of B/L supported

Send master, house, switch, FIATA, BIMCO, standardised, negotiable or non-negotiable bills of lading, telex releases, waybills ... All modalities are supported – sea, air, road, rail.

Military grade encryption

Highest business confidentiality is guaranteed. Delays, conflicts, tampering and misuse are prevented.

Return or rescind documents

Documents can be returned to the sender (refused) or destroyed when in possession. The action is recorded on the blockchain.

Custom attachments

Add custom attachments to an envelope (invoices, receipts, warranties, certificates or similar).

Paperless workflow

Workflows are completely paperless and touchless, allowing for remote workflow processing and supervised team collaboration.


Based on standards, built for interoperability

CargoX was a participant in the first interoperability trials led by DCSA and FIATA. In 2022, we broke ground by transferring the first electronic bill of lading between two platforms as part of a DCSA proof-of-concept test. We also achieved another major milestone by transmitting a FIATA electronic waybill between the Arab Bank, CargoX and edoxOnline.