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Why The CargoX Platform
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Why the CargoX platform

Countless production, financial, and logistics companies struggle with heaps of paper documents. They must be urgently sent as physical, paper originals - either for transfers of title or because such is the industry’s established, traditional way of handling the highest level of certain confidential documents. Obviously, archives build up quickly and documents are scattered all over, difficult to find, and never at hand when you need them.

Now, there is a better way to transfer or receive documents of title between partners, to keep a tidy, single point of entry digital document repository, where you always know who owns what document - and at what stage of a workflow process the document is.

At the same time, you can avoid those mini organizational catastrophes that come about when a coworker cannot be reached, and completely forget about mistakes from reentering data between different software packages.

Your company will never miss a delivery window or get charged penalties because the document courier service was late, or the document was lost and you had to announce that at the local court, just to request a duplicate issue.

Sure, this is a revolution in how you send documents of title. But it is just an evolution of your everyday business. The power to digitize the global flow of trade documents now lies within your hands. Take the burden of document delivery failure out of your business!

Transfer trade document ownership like you would transfer money through the bank.

Reliably, quickly, and without fail. Digitalization
made simple!

Benefits for all industries


Documents cannot be stolen, intercepted, lost, or hacked.


Fully API-supported document & data transfer, so no data reentry is needed.


Enable information flow between systems and blockchains.


Transfer documents of title with blockchain in seconds, instead of weeks needed for paper delivery.


Access through a web interface, or integrate with your back-end.


Access a complete document audit trail anytime and anywhere.


The Ethereum public blockchain is the world’s most trusted tool for transferring, recording, and declaring ownership.


Your data is safe from the eyes of competition.


All your business information, identities, and connections stay private.


All relevant parties can always see which account is the current holder of the document.


A central digital repository of documents, accessible to authorized users for up to 10 years. All documents are stored in one place.

User friendly.

Simple to use - just like using email - with short on-boarding times, and simplified workflows.

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