Future-proof your business by integrating blockchain for document transfer

Utilise the CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) with ease via our user-friendly web interface. If your business is seeking to optimise efficiency and seamlessly integrate your workflows, the CargoX Platform offers the perfect solution with its comprehensive REST API interfaces.

Extend your workflows

The CargoX Platform is a comprehensive global solution, designed for simplicity, dependability, and superior efficiency. It makes it possible for corporate clients to leverage the platform's robust capabilities through API integration while maintaining their unique workflow and existing IT infrastructure. 

Here is what is covered in the API documentation.


What is the CargoX Platform, the platform infrastructure, and security of the platform.

Integration scenarios

Uploading documents, third party API access to data on the platform, authentication and login, envelope creation and the affiliate model.

Authorisation and authentication

Introduction to the topic. How to obtain an access token.

API documentation

API availability and versioning, endpoints, and postman collection.

Adding files from external sources

Upload files directly, send a reference to a hosted file, and the recommended graphics.

Seamless user login

How it works. Functional examples.


Parameters, example requests, example responses, supported events and actions.

Automatic 3rd party client app creation

Introduction, API request authorization, hash creation, client application creation, and OAuth credentials status fetching.


Practical guide on how to fetch contacts, invite companies, list envelopes, sign messages in C#, go, JavaScript, PHP, seal a draft, transfer an envelope, and upload documents …


Enhanced security is our priority

CargoX heavily relies on public key infrastructure to provide security. All critical actions need to be signed by the user's private key.


Highly modular and efficient

The use of blockchain technology for document transfer has the potential to improve security, transparency, efficiency and immutability, making it the perfect option for various industries and applications.


Get on board

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