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Hey, CIO, do you know how thoroughly your dApp can be tested?

Sept. 3, 2019, 3:15 p.m.

Testing is an essential step in introducing any application into a business environment, and the same holds true for dApps – blockchain-based solutions. You need to test them before deploying one in workflows where end-users will use it on a daily basis.

Luckily, though, even after being deployed in your business environment, dApps can still be changed, upgraded, or downgraded by the provider. The dApp provider is usually the one who maintains the smart contracts to interact with the blockchain and the dApp user interface – but solutions can also be comprised of two separate parts, provided by two separate developers. 

In the case of CargoX’s Smart B/L™, maintenance is provided by CargoX for all users at once. 

All blockchain solution providers are keenly aware that a bug in a dApp’s code could not only cause users to lose or have funds stolen, but at the same time would cause irreparable damage to the issuing company’s reputation. This means that blockchain solutions and services are already tested exhaustively to ensure the functionalities, security, availability, and scalability that are expected.

There are many platforms available for testing developed dApps/Smart Contracts. The Ethereum Network (on which the CargoX Smart B/L™ is built), for example, offers test networks that allow developers to upload and test app functionalities for free, all to assure proper integration with the Ethereum network and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Ethereum was the first major platform to build a Turing-complete language for writing smart contracts on the blockchain and it quickly became adopted in the business community. As a consequence, the vast majority of dApps are developed on Ethereum as the platform of choice. 

That’s exactly why CargoX chose it – while always maintaining options open to switch to any other network if it proves necessary.

To properly test a dApp, we suggest you approach it the same way as all the other apps:

  • Have a set of your expectations in place

  • Acquire test accounts for the dApp

  • Thoroughly test the dApp’s functionalities over a given period of time

  • Map it against the expectations of your process participants (management, users, customers)

  • Validate your business model towards a blockchain-based IT environment (see what benefits it brings)

  • Always consult with the dApp provider and evaluate their input, feedback, and expertise

  • Ask the dApp provider about their future plans, development activities, and bug fixes

CargoX´s technical and business transformation experts are always available to provide solutions for your business needs, as well as to provide insight into blockchain-based solution use and development.

Why not give them a call and see for yourself what the future holds for global trade and logistics?

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