CargoX Blockchain Document Transaction System presented at the Blockchain and new technologies in energetics conference

CargoX Blockchain Document Transaction System presented at the Blockchain and new technologies in energetics conference

March 21, 2019

(Ljubljana, Slovenia – March 20, 2019) -- The CargoX Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS) was presented at the Blockchain and New Technologies in Energetics conference, alongside other interesting topics such as artificial intelligence’s influence on the energetics of the future, the internet of things, new technologies and regulation, and digitization opportunities in energetics.

Jaka Mele, Chief Digital Officer of CargoX, spoke to participants about the BDTS protocol, quickly showing how crucial document and certificate pathways in the industry have been modernized, while participants noted that the energetics sector was traditionally slow at adopting the latest technologies, just like the logistics and cargo shipping industry.

“We were thrilled to be invited to present CargoX at the 2nd Slovenian conference on blockchain and modern technologies in energetics. Supply chain and energetics are both traditional and conservative sectors, but the impact of recent and coming changes is huge for both.

While several new technologies are being piloted in energetics, there has been a clear message for participants that blockchain solutions are already here and they are already being used in production today, signalling that participants should accelerate their pilot and trial plans and think of use cases in segments of their business where it would make sense.

In the talks we quickly identified several opportunities where CargoX's Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS) could be applied instantly to solve the energetics sector’s real-world problems in Slovenia - handling and exchanging certificates of origin when trading with electricity, for example.” said Mele.

During the conference participants also heard about some other blockchain pilots in Slovenia. Unsurprisingly most of them selected the public Ethereum blockchain as the platform of choice. IBM also presented their business-oriented private blockchain at the event. CargoX made sure that the differences between private and public blockchain networks were covered in detail, and explained that many fundamental benefits of blockchain technology are assured only by public blockchain architecture.

About CargoX

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