Negotiable Electronic Master Bill of Lading - demo

Negotiable Electronic Master Bill of Lading - demo

January 17, 2023

Welcome to the demonstration of transferring a negotiable master B/L on the CargoX Platform. 

The CargoX Platform provides a solution for legally binding transfers of B/L possessions between trading partners (including banks). The platform is approved by the International Group of P&I Clubs.

Transactions of original documents on the CargoX Platform are fast, secure and extremely reliable. The logs are immutable, undisputable, transparent and auditable. At the same time, the platform provides the highest levels of business confidentiality and privacy. 

This helps companies build digital trust in an environment where trust is hard to come by.

This video will show you how you as a shipper can: 

  • Sign into the CargoX Platform

  • Receive a master B/L from the carrier, with accompanying documentation and  information about the release agent at the port of destination

  • Transfer the eB/L possession to the bank

  • Add a document from the shipper’s system

  • Select among 60+ document types

  • Upload an invoice

  • Add a certificate of origin from Chamber of Commerce

  • Write an optional message to the recipient

  • Seal and transfer the envelope

  • Review the documents in the envelope

  • Review the cost of transfer of the documents

  • Authenticate credentials to confirm the transfer

  • Securely transfer the documents

  • Verify document delivery

  • Track individual documents independently of envelopes

  • Review who created the document

  • Review who approved the transfer of the document and when

  • Review the audit log of the document

  • Download the audit log as a PDF