Create, transfer and process all your eBL documents

Transform the way you handle bills of lading with CargoX electronic bill of lading software that allows seamless creation, transfer, processing, and management of digital bills of lading. Choose to send them as convenient PDFs or structured electronic data. Integrate into your ERP system through the API interface.

All bills of lading will be electronic by 2030

Save time and money right away

Drastically reduce risk of loss, misdelivery, or damage to the document

Comparison: paper B/L vs electronic B/L

Traditional paper B/L Electronic B/L
Change of ownership by sending original B/L Instant transfer
Time in transit 5-10 days Instant
Can be stolen Yes No
Can be lost Yes No
Archiving Expensive paper storage / office space Included in service (digital storage)
Cargo information & automation (location, temperature, etc.) No Yes

Avoid the disadvantages of paper B/Ls

You probably faced one of the disadvantages of paper B/Ls below:


Traditional paper bills of lading often face delays due to physical transportation, processing time, and potential errors in handling.


When multiple parties demand delivery of the same cargo, conflicts can arise, causing delays and legal disputes. 

Tampering and misuse

Amending a bill of lading after the document has been signed and sent or unauthorized entries.

Exposure to fraud

This lack of security increases the risk of financial loss and legal complications for all parties involved.

High administrative costs

These costs stem from handling and physical delivery, as well as the time and labor required to process and verify documents.


Digital nature of the document enhances security and traceability, ensuring that only the rightful holder can claim the goods.     


Physical documents can be lost, stolen, or tampered with during transit, leading to potential fraud and unauthorized access. 

Speed of the transfer

Physical delivery and handling can lead to delays in the shipping process and increased waiting times for all parties involved.     


Lack of transparency can lead to difficulties in tracking the document's status and location, resulting in delays, errors, and limited visibility for all parties involved.     


Join more than 120,000 companies

Use the powerful search and managed team collaboration features, and boost your efficiency with advanced workflows. We are constantly adding new types and standards as they emerge!

Here is something you may want to know: Under the eUCP rules, which aim for a faster and more secure trade financing, electronic bills of lading are incorporated into the documentary payment process and the electronic presentation of documents.

The fastest growing eBL ecosystem

The CargoX Platform is the fastest-growing eBL ecosystem in the world of shipping. Thousands of companies are already using it daily to transfer their most important electronic trade documents. Seize the moment and embrace the platform to elevate your business to new heights.

Clear advantage in the market

  • We support ALL TYPES of B/L

  • 7M+ of shipping blockchain documents transferred

  • 120k+ companies registered & validated on platform

  • 145k+ users registered on platform

  • IGP&I approved

  • Authorised by governmental agencies as the blockchain document transfer gateway

It is legal to use it everywhere

In accordance with the parties' freedom of contract, all parties to a freight transaction may agree to accept the electronic bill of lading as a valid document, with all the practical benefits and legal consequences that this entails. Even if the laws in the countries do not yet specifically establish electronic B/L as a document. 

Until countries enact laws regulating electronic trade documents, the parties to the contract of carriage may determine the use and validity of digital bills of lading through sets of rules or general terms and conditions within the framework of freedom of contract.


Use the power of blockchain

A blockchain bill of lading, developed and exchanged via the CargoX Platform, offers an enhanced electronic bill of lading format that boasts superior reliability, security, and confidentiality, all while being incredibly user-friendly.

Utilizing neutral, public blockchain technology, we create an unchangeable record of transfers with an audit trail. This blockchain implementation guarantees absolute transparency in business transactions through irreversible timestamps on document transfers. Additionally, the confidentiality between business partners remains intact, ensuring that no external party can access the document content or transfer detail.

Use the power of blockchain

Major benefits of using electronic bill of lading software

Electronic B/Ls can be processed contactlessly and remotely in distributed teams. In addition, on the CargoX Platform, the validation and sealing of documents and transfers is reliably guaranteed by the global, neutral blockchain with cryptographic properties.

  • Document possession & control transfer

  • Rapid transfer around the globe prevents damage and demurrage costs

  • Radically lower costs of sending, processing, and archiving

  • Cannot be lost, stolen, or tampered with

  • Higher level of security through immutable transfer records

  • Rapid auditing of document transfer events

  • Validation of the owner prevents misdeliveries


DCSA, FIT Alliance, and McKinsey confirm global adoption path

Switching to electronic bills of lading software is the easiest decision to make! The savings and benefits of using digital bills of lading can be astounding, as demonstrated by the Mckinsey report and DCSA announcement. According to the survey report by the FIT Alliance, some companies are already breaking away from the pack and are embracing digitalization.

  • 28% of respondents already use eBL in conjunction with paper
  • 5% have switched completely to eBL
  • 58% of those using only paper B/Ls plan to use eBLs
  • 22% say they will use eBL within the next 6-24 months

All major B/L types supported

CargoX offers the issuing, transmission and processing of all types of bills of lading:

  • Carrier/Master BL
  • SeaWay Bill 
  • House BL
  • All modalities are supported - container, dry bulk, liquid bulk
  • Negotiable and non-negotiable BL supported


Members of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) can register on the CargoX Platform to issue and transfer FIATA eFBLs. 

The eFBLs can be transferred through the CargoX Platform, or sent independently (the choice is yours). 

Register to create and transfer FIATA FBLs on the CargoX Platform in just a few easy steps:

  1. Onboard to the FIATA eFBL system. 
  2. Register your company on the CargoX Platform.


CargoX will support standardised electronic bills of lading from the Baltic and Maritime Council (BIMCO), which can be transmitted via the CargoX Platform as soon as the standard becomes publicly available.

BIMCO has partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and other industry stakeholders to develop an international standard for electronic bills of lading (eBL) for dry and liquid bulk cargoes.

BIMCO is widely known to regulators, banks and insurers for its standardised paper bills of lading such as CONGENBILL and CONLINEBILL.

Coming soon!

Legal and standards compliance
DTLF logo

CargoX is involved in standardisation and interoperability development

CargoX is involved in the many ongoing activities to define standards and frameworks for the global shipping industry and facilitate frictionless global trade. We participated in the DCSA eBL platform interoperability testing, as well as the FIATA eFBL transfer testing.

We contribute to the efforts of UNCITRAL, FIT Alliance, DCSA, ICC, FIATA, BIMCO, ITFA, G7, UN/CEFACT. 

The CargoX Platform, with their API for easy integration into existing IT systems or through a ready-made web user interface is a perfect add-on in a modern working environment, not to mention that finally we have all the documents archived and document transactions visible in one place.

Leif Arne Strommen
Ex Vice President of Innovation G2 Ocean

In our opinion blockchain is best used where trustworthy data and document processing is needed, and where transactions of ownership take place. For us the CargoX Smart BL is easy to use and even easier to implement, and the cost and time savings are just incredible. We are already looking forward to new products from CargoX - in our opinion the best in this field.

Ruedi Reisdorf
CEO of Fracht AG

We decided to cooperate with CargoX because their product is based on modern technology and advanced knowledge, and it is in line with our product philosophy. Together we are stronger in the market, as we enable our customers in the supply chain to operate more efficiently in a safe business environment. Speed, price and safety are not an issue anymore - the emphasis is on competitive tools.

Gregor Veselko, Ph. D.
Actual Group, President of Management Board

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