Simplify your complex document workflows

The CargoX Platform can be integrated into complex multi-agency governmental filing workflows to streamline processing and reduce workload. This eliminates delays, costs and clutter for both authorities and traders. Experience fully customizable and optimized workflows, tailored to your specific needs, propelling your operations into a new era of effectiveness.

Flexible workflows and integration options

Integration with authorities and registers

Optimised processing for businesses and authorities

Engage complex filing processes

Complex multi-agency filing processes can be easily set up for government customers and are easy to use for all participants in the supply chain. They can be integrated into ERP systems or extended into single-window systems.

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Strengthen and monitor filing processing activity

Government agencies can process incoming filings and request additional information. Companies can file and monitor the progress and outcomes, and supplement additional documents as needed.

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Substantially improve time & cost efficiency

Instead of sending bundles of paper documents by courier to various locations to obtain export, import or other permits, documents can be filed and processed online. Rest assured, your data remains secure and confidential, safeguarded by blockchain and military-grade encryption technologies.

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The CargoX Platform, with their API for easy integration into existing IT systems or through a ready-made web user interface is a perfect add-on in a modern working environment, not to mention that finally we have all the documents archived and document transactions visible in one place.

Leif Arne Strommen
Vice President of Innovation G2 Ocean

In our opinion blockchain is best used where trustworthy data and document processing is needed, and where transactions of ownership take place. For us the CargoX Smart BL is easy to use and even easier to implement, and the cost and time savings are just incredible. We are already looking forward to new products from CargoX - in our opinion the best in this field.

Ruedi Reisdorf
CEO of Fracht AG

We decided to cooperate with CargoX because their product is based on modern technology and advanced knowledge, and it is in line with our product philosophy. Together we are stronger in the market, as we enable our customers in the supply chain to operate more efficiently in a safe business environment. Speed, price and safety are not an issue anymore - the emphasis is on competitive tools.

Gregor Veselko, Ph. D.
Actual Group, President of Management Board

Optimize your operations: build, track and manage your workflows

All filings in one place

Filings can be monitored and processed in one place. In this way, government agencies can track workloads and eliminate bottlenecks, and economic operators can shorten operating times.

Registry of companies

Government agencies and economic operators can offer easier interaction to all the companies registered on the platform. Company profiles are verified by international banks and Dun & Bradstreet.


Proof of the authenticity of the document and the sender/recipient is possible at any time and facilitates digital trust in international trade.

Custom workflows

Government agencies responsible for filings in global trade can create workflows based on the legal requirements of a particular country to improve the transparency, security and efficiency of international and domestic trade.

Web access or API integration

The CargoX Platform offers easy access via a web browser. All functions can be integrated into corporate or government information systems (ERP) and workflows via REST API.

Customs pre-processing

By receiving advance cargo pre-arrival information, the authorities gain insight into the cargo before it arrives. They can check the documents ahead of time and pre-clear shipments in advance.


Digitalisation of trade in Egypt with the CargoX Platform

Egypt has launched the NAFEZA single window platform with the CargoX Platform blockchain document transfer gateway to facilitate foreign trade, reduce compliance costs from more than USD 600 to about USD 165, and reduce the time to release cargo from 29 to 9 days (and still falling).