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CargoX - ACI filing for Egypt enabled, mandatory use starts on 1 October 2021

July 8, 2021, noon

Dear CargoX Platform user,

For all the companies exporting goods to Egypt, The Government of Egypt has issued a decree to move the start of mandatory use of Advance Cargo Information System to 1 October 2021. Read the official announcement on the Nafeza portal for details.

Electronic ACI filing through the CargoX Platform is already possible and all users are welcome to start sending ACI filing documents. For additional clarity and to help you understand the Egypt ACI process and what participating parties need to do, please read the Egypt ACI FAQ. We recommend reading all the questions and answers, including the price of ACI, the price of verification, who needs to do what, and how to do it.  

The CargoX Support Team is further available to support the simple process of onboarding for all companies and their business partners who need to register on the CargoX Platform. Please feel free to contact the team through the chat on the CargoX Platform, or via email at [email protected]

Follow the platform updates on

For all users who wish to see all the platform update circulars in one place, we have established a new section on the CargoX website. You can access it by clicking on this link. Please note that every user registered on the platform is receiving these circulars in their registered email by default.

A great opportunity to evaluate all functionalities

ACI documents are just one of more than 60 document types supported by the CargoX Platform  - among waybills, invoices, contracts, certificates, letters of credit, memos, invoices, and others. You can send Bills of Lading and other highly important documents quickly, reliably and with savings of up to 85% compared to paper courier services.

For companies looking to future-proof their business processes, we recommend a test and system evaluation in three simple steps:

  • Send a few electronic Bills of Lading in parallel to paper BLs with courier services as a proof of concept trial.

  • Evaluate the time required and calculate possible efficiency gains

  • Calculate the cost savings per month/year, including less paper archiving and easier teamwork

The decision to use electronic Bills of Lading should be an easy one!

Last but not least - in the CargoX Platform we have renamed credits (CX$) to units (𝕌). The change is visual only and does not reflect a change in value.

Best regards,

Stefan Kukman, founder and CEO of CargoX



Use multiple accounts to reduce risk for enterprises
21 Jun 2022
To reduce the risk of workflow slowdowns or the inability to process and transfer you electronic trade documents, we encourage companies to create individual user accounts for each user who is involved in document preparation and processing.
Delegation functionality introduced
16 May 2022
The new Delegation feature provides a company (principal) with a way to be represented by another company (representative) in the process of transferring ACI electronic documents on the CargoX Platform.
CargoX Platform ACI air - testing starts 15 May 2022
13 May 2022
CargoX and the Government of Egypt’s NAFEZA will start testing the ACI Air declaration on 15 May 2022.
Promotional units discontinuation
31 Dec 2021
As of 1 February 2022, all volume discounts (promotional units (𝕌)) will be discontinued. January 2022 will be the last month when you can take advantage of our volume discount, and receive up to 15% additional promotional units in return.
CargoX Platform minimum unit purchase amount, and Excel document validation
23 Nov 2021
To accommodate freight forwarders, we have changed the minimum amount of units that companies can purchase by bank payment or by credit card. Exporters can validate their Excel invoices before submitting the Egypt ACI filing.
CargoX Platform Update
14 Oct 2021
The CargoX Platform now enables payment with credit cards, you can order any amount of service units (25 USD minimum), and there is an Egypt ACI filing document cap at 15 USD (for 5+ documents in the ACI envelope).

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