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Blockchain document workflows for governments

To coordinate numerous workflows and interactions with economic operators, governments establish specialized agencies, systems, registries, checkpoints and procedures. However, often tight integration between these independent bodies is lacking – resulting in loss of time, efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

Main challenges of currently established processes

Documents still provided on paper

Unsatisfactory process integration

Inefficient communication between governmental entities and economic operators

Errors during data re-entry

Hassle of gathering documentation

Fast auditing is near to impossible

High cost of operation and use

A secure trade document highway

The CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) is an ideal tool for creating a highly secure electronic trade document delivery channel that provides transfer event transparency with immutable event records and rapid auditing capabilities. At the same time it offers the highest level of content and connection confidentiality with the strongest level of encryption.

Governmental agencies and economic operators can access the platform’s global registry of companies (verified by global banks and Dun & Bradstreet). User and document transfer authorization is facilitated by the most powerful public, neutral blockchain.

The CargoX Platform introduces frictionless interaction to economic operators and governmental entities, and provides optimized performance through single point of entry, automatisation, security and tamper-proof features. It is ideal for document and information processing in a complex workflow environment with multiple consecutive or parallel process participants.


For governments

  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better trade intelligence

For businesses

  • Faster processing
  • Transparent process
  • Less administration
  • Lower costs

For agencies

  • Improved productivity
  • Better structure & control of working environment
  • Enhanced professionalism

National economy

  • Improved governance
  • Reduced corruption
  • Lower fraud rate

Easy integration

All available features can be integrated with governmental information systems (ERP), or with specific registers and workflows through REST API architecture for access and data exchange among all the participating governmental entities and traders.

A verified global business directory with 103,000+ companies

With the CargoX Platform currently serving approximately 103,000 companies worldwide, governmental entities and economic operators gain access to the fastest global growing supply chain ecosystem.

Companies can register an account on the CargoX Platform and additionally verify their identity in a two-step process – through banks and then through Dun & Bradstreet. That enables them to send and receive government-related documents, such as the ACI/ACEM.

Enhancements to the local environment

Knowledge transfer

Implementing the CargoX Platform accelerates the development of local blockchain-related skills and knowledge, raises awareness, and brings rapid adoption of new global trade processes.

Reduced total cost of ownership

There are no subscription, license, or technology fees involved – this means that the total cost of ownership (TCO) for governmental entities is optimized. Governmental entities can set their own document processing fees.

Covid-resilient agility

Fully digital processing with immutable audit trail and blockchain features provides fully contactless and remote trade documentation manipulation, transfers, and verification of origin and originality. Collaboration of dispersed teams is possible on a level not seen before.

Use case: Advance Cargo Information (ACI), Advance Cargo Export Manifest (ACEM)

The ACI/ACEM functionality of the CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) provides customs authorities and other governmental entities with information about the exporter, importer, shipper, freight forwarder, and the cargo itself, ahead of cargo’s export or import.

Governmental entities no longer have to rely on business entities’ declarations at the time of loading/unloading. Instead, each document can be received, and traced easily back to its origin, straight to the issuer of the document. All the certificates and relevant supporting documentation (bills of lading, invoices, certificates of origin, contracts, etc.) can be delivered in real time, if needed. Processing can take place in a safe digital environment, without any delays in courier document deliveries.

Main benefits

Blockchain provides immutable transparency and visibility of transactions to the authorities through audit logs

Reduces and prevents fraudulent activities

Proof of document and sender/recipient authenticity is provided at all times

Security and business confidentiality for governmental entities and economic operators are ensured by blockchain

Streamlined and optimized process & communication

Fully paperless process environment

Example: Egypt using CargoX Platform for providing ACI filing

The Government of Egypt has made Advance Cargo Information (ACI) declarations mandatory and authorized CargoX as the blockchain document transfer gateway service provider in its national single window for trade facilitation NAFEZA.

The integrated solutions provide numerous benefits:

Adopted by more than








shipping agencies & freight forwarders


foreign exporters

Shorter average cargo release time

from 29 days to 9 days

Implementation of a national platform that covers


Egyptian airports, seaports, land ports, dry ports, and free zones in compliance with international standards and best practices



government bodies, associated with cargo clearance

Compliance costs for shippers

slashed from US$600+ to US$165 or less

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