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CargoX for Transport and Logistics

The CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) is a safe, smart & cost-effective solution for the transportation industry - unlike the old paper document transfer workflows.

The platform enables original and confidential trade document transfer in a trusted digital environment. Original document ownership is transferred digitally, and without any health hazard.

Smart B/L = blockchain B/L = eBL = smart bill of lading

A Smart B/L (or smart BL or smartBL) is an electronic bill of lading, sent through the CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) or any other electronic platform. A smart B/L can be uploaded in the form of PDF (or any other type of document). It can also be created as a structured data document and then sent or transferred on the platform.

Ownership of the smart B/L document is unequivocally transacted to the new owner, who can legally claim ownership rights.

Various types of freight documents

are created or uploaded to the platform, signed, and their ownership is then transacted in a trustworthy way, lightning-fast, directly to the intended recipient. Documents can be added, removed, returned, or destroyed.

Validate the original source and prove ownership

Recipients can always validate the original source and prove ownership of their documents. A comprehensive document repository is available with comprehensive audit logs, and strict business confidentiality is maintained at all times.

User interface customization.

You can customize your document sending layout similar to your favourite email app, use the compact view, or dark mode if you prefer.

The CargoX Platform is built atop neutral, public Ethereum blockchain technology

This ensures that there is no private blockchain lock-in with vendors, who could potentially be your company’s competitors - and the decidedly neutral CargoX is committed to never giving out your private business information.

Transportation modes supported

Ocean shipping

Air freight

Road freight

Rail freight

Benefits for transport and logistics


Your B/L, or any other document, will never be lost, stolen, counterfeited, or damaged again. Decentralized encrypted storage is 100% resilient to hackers.


It is far easier and cheaper to send a document digitally and securely around the globe than it is to ship a piece of paper.


The CargoX Platform is lightning fast. This protects you from any potential cargo detention and demurrage costs.


As easy as email, but much more secure. Much, much more secure. Really, infinitely more secure.


Your data is completely safe and well-protected from the curious eyes of the competition.


We will never lock you into private blockchains as we only use truly open and distributed public blockchain technology.


No installation is required to start using the CargoX platform — just log in and start sending documents.


All platform APIs are exposed as REST interfaces for easy integration and automation.

Minimum investment.

No need for software installation or expensive integration. You can start using the platform in a mere matter of minutes!


Document flow is completely digitized, so there is no need to handle paper documents. Exposure to physical media is eliminated.

Paper B/L vs Smart B/L

TraditionalPaper B/L Smart B/L
Change of ownership by sending original B/L Instant, from dApp
Time in transit 5-10 days Instant
Can be stolen Yes No
Can be lost Yes No
Archiving Expensive paper storage Included
Cargo information
& automation
(location, temperature,etc)
No Yes

Specialized features for T&L companies

Different types of freight documents

A one-stop-shop for the tamper-proof transfer of document ownership – master B/Ls, house B/Ls, Switch B/Ls, CRM, telex releases, express releases, sea waybills, air waybills, certificates of origin, and much more (over 30 document types).

Switch bill of lading support

Switch bills of lading can be transferred an unlimited number of times. History can be cleared to prevent parties from seeing previous owners.

Created or uploaded bills of lading

If you create bills of lading through an existing system, they can be easily imported onto the platform. For agile companies we offer a companion app to easily create bill of lading documents online.

Flexible endorsement types

Smart B/Ls can be endorsed to a specifically named consignee, made to order, or designated to the current bearer.

Custom attachments

Any transfer envelope can include any custom attachment – an invoice, receipt, warranty, or similar. You can also add or remove them in the process.

Support for the L/C and escrow service workflow

Transfer documents to a bank for L/C processing or escrow service workflows. Banks join the platform just like other parties and guarantee payment for goods.

Support for structured documents

Documents with structured support can be filtered and searched, based on specific field values.

Returning the documents to the sender

Documents may be returned to the sender (refused).

Destroy (rescind) the document

Issuers may destroy documents, but only when said documents are in their possession. Document destruction is recorded on the blockchain.

Document preview

Receiving parties in the workflow may preview the document in certain cases. This helps reduce costs and time, as the party can prepare for incoming documents in advance.

Full-text search

Easily browse through all your documents, contacts, bill of lading metadata, and other information.

In-platform messaging

Communicate your instructions about specific documents to your partners within the CargoX platform.

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