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CargoX names Bojan Čekrlić as new CEO, Štefan Kukman to remain in a strategic position

January 12, 2024

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, 12 January 2024 – In a planned leadership transition, CargoX has today announced that its Chief Operating Officer Bojan Čekrlić will succeed Štefan Kukman as the new Chief Executive Officer. Kukman will continue to serve as the Strategic Partnership Director at CargoX, focusing on new strategies and opening new markets.

CargoX Ltd. is the independent supplier of the CargoX Platform for Blockchain Data Transfer, and a pioneer in empowering the global digital economy by building digital trust.

Štefan Kukman founded CargoX and guided the development of its core technologies, and has been the CEO since the start. This transition has been planned for a while, as Bojan Čekrlić has already had a hand in key decisions as the COO for the past year. He has also been with the company since its inception and had previously served as CTO of CargoX between 2019 and 2021.

“What we have managed to achieve at CargoX over the past five years has exceeded all expectations,” said Štefan Kukman. “Our breakthrough technology has been recognised by the industry and governments as a means of building digital trust, and I have full trust that day-to-day operations will be in good hands while I focus on new prospects.”

Following Štefan, I certainly have big shoes to fill, but I am confident in the leadership teamand the strategy we have outlined together, said Bojan Čekrlić, as he assumed his position of CEO.

CargoX will continue to build and improve its core products in 2024, focusing on expanding its use in new markets like Uganda and Abu Dhabi, as well as branching out into exciting new territories.

Bojan Čekrlić, CEO

About Bojan Čekrlić

As the COO of CargoX Bojan Čekrlić oversaw day-to-day operations and was in charge of strategic planning. In his previous position of CTO he created the development roadmap, led the development team and launched the implementation of the ISO 27001:2002 standard. Before becoming the COO at CargoX, Mr Čekrlić was also the CTO of the blockchain-based online gaming tournament platform FirstBlood. After graduating from the University of Ljubljana’s School of Economics and Business, he worked in various IT companies, including Parsek, where he first rose to the rank of CTO. His wealth of experience across various industries will help him steer the company into the future and boldly face fierce competition.

About Štefan Kukman

Štefan Kukman founded CargoX in 2017, and has served as the company’s CEO ever since. Under his leadership the company has grown into a major player in the electronic trade document segment of logistics and has struck deals with several national governments, including Egypt, Uganda, and Abu Dhabi. On 12 December 2023, the Egyptian single-window solution NAFEZA with the CargoX Platform was awarded the European Logistics Association’s ELA Award. Mr Kukman will remain with the company in the role of Strategic Partnership Director and Founder.

About CargoX

CargoX is the one of the leading providers of blockchain-based electronic trade document solutions, introducing trust in the digital economy. The CargoX Platform for Blockchain Data Transfer (BDT) makes it possible to create, sign and transfer electronic trade documents, reducing manual paperwork and administrative burdens. The platform was developed with the goal of digitalising bills of lading and other electronic trade documents, and facilitated the first blockchain-based electronic bill of lading being used in practice. Since achieving that milestone, CargoX has been collaborating on developing future standards with major shipping & logistics organisations, including DCSA and FIATA, as well as SWIFT and the International Chamber of Commerce. The CargoX Platform for BDT is now an integral part of the Egyptian single window system for foreign trade that includes advanced cargo information (ACI), and is used by 117 thousand businesses and organisations worldwide, who have used it to transfer more than 6 million documents. Just recently, this solution was awarded the European Logistics Association’s 2023 ELA Award, the latest in a string of international IT and logistics industry awards that CargoX has been receiving since its inception, and the solution is already being implemented by other countries. Building on its strong track record in electronic trade documents and proprietary know-how, CargoX is already working on exciting new products, entering new markets and industries.