CDM Software Solution announces strategic alliance with CargoX

CDM Software Solution announces strategic alliance with CargoX

April 16, 2019

(Woodlands, TX, and Ljubljana, Slovenia - April 16, 2019) - The CDM Web Freight®, a global, multiple language, web-based solution for freight forwarding and NVOCC operations, developed by CDM Software Solutions, a certified U.S. Customs application vendor, will include CargoX’s Smart Bill of Lading™ as an integrated, secured mechanism for sending and processing bills of lading generated using the blockchain technology.

The Smart B/L™ preserves all of the legacy features of paper B/Ls, and adds security, cost reduction, efficiency, and lightning fast delivery. CDM Web Freight® will incorporate the CargoX Smart B/L™ into its Shipment Flow module, which will seamlessly transfer shipment details from the origin freight forwarder or agent to the destination freight forwarder or agent, eliminating delays in transferring bill of lading ownership and reducing or eliminating costly courier fees for bill of lading delivery to destination freight forwarder or agent.

“The Smart Bill of Lading partnership between CargoX and CDM Software Solutions will upgrade the bill of lading process with security and transparency. The value added to our global web-based freight forwarding solution CDM Web Freight® will be significant,” said Darrell Ortiz, CEO of CDM Software Solutions.

“We are proud to have our solution integrated into the leading freight forwarding software provided by CDM Software Solutions, who have placed trust in our Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS). We will provide transparency to trade partners on their platform, power the automated processing of documentation with the help of smart contracts, and improve business data and process security. CDM’s mission is client satisfaction - and ours is, too!” said Francisco Montenegro, Project Manager at CargoX.

CDM Software Solutions was founded in 1988 and it is a certified U.S. Customs application provider, as well as a leading provider of software solutions to freight forwarding, NVOCC, export packing companies, warehouses, exporters, importers, and logistics companies. CDM has 673 global customers, 20,910 global users, and 12 locations around the globe. Just in their last business year, they fulfilled 579,630 compliance filings.

The CDM Software Solutions product suite includes Freight Forwarding operations, NVOCC operations, Billing & Job Costing, Material Management (Export Packing) with RFID/Barcode scanning, GeoLocation Services (GPS), image and signature capture, Warehouse Management with RFID/Barcode scanning, GeoLocation Services (GPS), image and signature capture, Purchase Order Management with integration to Oracle, SAP and other leading ERP systems, AES, Sea AMS, ISF (10+2), Customer EDI, Air Carrier EDI, Ocean Carrier EDI, Supply Chain Compliance, Supply Chain Visibility, and Web Based/Mobile Based Shipment and Material Tracking.

CargoX has created the world’s first working blockchain based Smart B/L™ solution, based on their Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS). The Smart B/L™ solution gives companies a tool to send their existing or newly created business documents (Bills of Lading, proof of origin, and other documents) through the secure and open public blockchain, at a fraction of the cost, and with vastly improved security and efficiency. The solution enables documents to reach the importer or agent within minutes, not days, and theft, loss, or tampering are virtually impossible.


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