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Custom solutions for industries that rely on document transactions

The CargoX platform is conceived as a flexible, multi-industry solution.

It is designed to include the concepts of e-mail, banking transactions, and document creation and viewing capabilities. The platform can be integrated into any industrial workflow.

The platform enables the creation and use of bespoke workflows, with heavy optimizations for specific processes in mind.

Bespoke workflows for adjacent industries


Predictive analytics, inbound materials preview, workload planning, documentation consolidation, and secure document exchange.


Escrow service capabilities, document tokenization and tradeability, advanced trade finance document workflows, analytics, and audit capabilities.


Digitization of paper-based document of title processing workflows, new financial product capabilities, advanced authorization methods.


Guarantee of origin support, energy trade system workflow support.


Immutability for health care, travel & entertainment document, and all other sensitive data, with a detailed audit trail for oversight and accountability.

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